the magic of motherhood

the magic of motherhood

big little noise

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A love letter to mothers everywhere filled with the good stuff, the hard stuff and everything in between.

Motherhood. It flipped your world upside down in the most magical way.  Who knew you could ever love and be loved this much?

Your emotions swing between joy and uncertainty, contentment and anxiety, laughter and tears.  Meanwhile you secretly wonder. "Am I the only one who feels this way?"  Rest assured you are not alone, Mumma.

This is a book about tiny miracles, answered prayers, and finding grace in the holy work of raising children.  It's about the magic that happens between calm and chaos, the joy that can be found in both beauty and mess, and the valuable lessons we learn about ourselves in between cups of reheated coffee and kitchen tables covered in crumbs.

Format ~ hardcover

Author ~ Ashlee Gadd