the big sticker book of beasts

the big sticker book of beasts

big little noise

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Featuring more than 500 reusable stickers, this beautifully illustrated and jam- packed sticker activity book brings the natural world to life, loaded with endlessly entertaining activities that bring the world of beasts to life.

Filled with fascinating facts, activities inviting children to draw, color, and decorate beasts into their natural habitats, discover beasts that growl, prowl, claw and roar!

Yuval Zommer’s rich illustrations characterize some of the quirkiest creatures in the animal kingdom, inspiring creative thinking while also bringing alive the facts on which each activity is based. 

includes ~ over 500 stickers 

design your own beaver dam

stick ants on the armadillos tongues

play a game of guess who's paw prints?

format ~ paperback