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just add glitter

big little noise

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Is there really such a thing as too much bling?

Find out in this sparkly homage to imagination and creativity gone wild that is perfect for even the youngest fashion and crafting enthusiasts!

Has the rainy day got you down? Not feeling fancy in your gown? Just add glitter! It all starts with a mysterious mail delivery, a little girl with a big imagination, and a sprinkling of twinkling glitter.

Before long there's glitter here, glitter there_glitter, glitter EVERYWHERE! But just when she's about to add more glitter, the little girl realizes maybe there is such a thing as too much bling when you and your best pal start to get lost in it.

A sweet story that celebrates imagination, creativity, and knowing when enough is enough or is it?!

Format ~ hardcover

Author ~ Angela DiTerlizzi and Illustrated ~ Samantha Cotterill