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Hi there, nice to meet you!

Welcome to "big little noise"

Thanks for taking the time to look around and share your support to our small family run business.

I'm Alana, creative seeker, lover of coffee, sunshine and the whimsical boho life!    I am blessed to be, Mum to Jai Cruz and a gorgeous Cavoodle fur baby, living life with my love and best friend Jason.

Launching in July 2018 in Melbourne, big little noise store came to life as part dream and swirling attempt to keep my little boy, Jai, as a young baby sitting still whilst in a brace 23 hours a day for developmental hip dysplasia.  You see, if you know Jai... from the minute he arrived he's been high in energy, ready to go, determined and nothing will hold him back!  

Jai was born breech and from birth, Jai had 4 weekly ultrasounds to analyse his hips until at age 4.5 months, he was diagnosed with severe developmental hip dysplasia and fitted with a brace, which was worn 23 hours a day.  Under the care of a quirky but amazing paediatric hip specialist, we moved through the months from 4.5 ~ 9.5 having appointments every fortnight shared between specialist appointments, ultrasounds and brace adjustments to support Jai's condition, growth and hips.  During this time Jai's determination and strength was made very known, in character and spirit, when he presented not once, but twice, having broken his brace, something never seen before by his specialists!

The specialists then advised us to keep Jai sitting as much as possible, I left wondering how this would be possible.  Jai then taught himself to roll, crawl, stand, walk and attempt to climb stairs, all whilst wearing his brace, much of which you would wonder how even possible being so restricted!  

Determined, busy and very high in energy, to keep Jai sitting as much as possible, was a task that seemed unlikely.... near impossible and somewhat overwhelming at times.  So... from a desperate desire to slow him down and keep Jai engaged while sitting still... big little noise store was born... beginning with the world of noise in musical play!

Beginning in the city lights of Melbourne, we relocated in Jan 2020, following the sun to the golden sandy beaches of the Gold Coast and now reside in beautiful Queensland.  

Big little noise store is a careful curation of conscious treasures with a focus on cutting through the noise to offer the highest quality pieces for baby, child and mama.  Our pieces are sourced from all over the world to support and encourage a love for nature, empowering little and big folk with confidence on this journey.

My aim is to bring to you and your families, ethically sourced, sustainable play pieces from the best small businesses, independent artists and creatives from around the globe.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful pieces that make up the magic of the big little noise store.  Be sure to pop back regularly and stay in touch by following us at "big little noise" on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates!

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Enjoy the store!

alana xx



e: biglittlenoise@outlook.com